Scandinavian Property Development in Malibu Inc.

Scandinavian Property Development in Malibu Inc.

Titania is a residential developer specializing in providing the market with a line of space efficient, environmentally friendly and contemporary designed homes. Titania has over 10 years of experience, is highly focused and promises to follow a path of prosperity for its investors, owners, managers and staff.

We are currently interested in acquiring land lots with development opportunities in Malibu and its surroundings.

You will find contact information for inquiries regarding selling development sites bellow:

Marketing and Project Developer:
Einar Janson,

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Titania Scandinavian Property Development in Malibu Inc 
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The blueprints and engineering solutions for the houses is transferable to markets outside of Sweden where the houses will be produced with local workforce and locally purchased material. Titania has chosen to focus the operations on the Los Angeles area due to the high demand for the type of homes that the company will produce.

The Greater Los Angeles area, also called The Los Angeles-Long Beach Combined Statistical Area (CA MSA), has an estimated population of 18 679 763 people (2015) and is therefore the home to nearly half of the residents in California. It has a constantly growing population drawn to the area by, among other factors, the work opportunities, educational facilities, climate and wide range of culture, entertainment and activities.

However, at the same time a number of factors hinder the development of new houses and apartments which continuously drives the prices for homes up. The CA MSA’s decentralized structure, local zoning restrictions, resistance from existing residents and the fact that a lot of buildable land was earlier put aside and mandated never to be developed as part of the master plan of each city in the area, all contribute to the current situation.

However, on the demand side, there are a large number of potential buyers who has the purchasing power to buy homes even though the limited supply has driven the prices up.

Growing cities in democracies usually have the problem of overcoming a resistance towards development from existing residents. Stockholm also experiences a similar challenge. From experience, in order to be successful as a developer, we constantly need to address, adjust and make compromises to handle that situation. Hence, we view the landscape of the market a little differently and believe that cooperation with local authorities and communities tend to be as important for the realization of the projects as the end buyers.

It is important that we treat local authorities and communities as a type of customer whom we need to sell the idea of the project to first, given that it is an important part of the development process to obtain buy-in from them. Once we have overcome that obstacle, we can focus on our end customer: the buyer.

Titania will adapt to the situation in Los Angeles area and focus on the types of development which can actually be realized given the current situation.  

Titania will bring a line of affordable, compact, well-designed and environmentally friendly houses-and apartment buildings to the Californian residential market. The company will use its land development knowledge and strong equity base to invest in exploitable plots of land in the Los Angeles area and then implement a compromise-oriented routine and win-win-approach in obtaining building permits from local authorities.

The company will then build, with locally hired workforce or contractors, houses or apartment buildings, depending on the site, on the plots of land, whereby the finished homes created would then be sold on the open market.

The company will use the architectural experience and engineering knowledge generated and perfected in one decade of successful development of space efficient single family houses and apartment buildings in Sweden, and implement the innovative ideas on the Los Angeles market where there is a great demand for these types of homes.

Our long term plan is to continuously expand the business, grow organically and take on larger and larger projects rather than to grow in the number of projects. Our need for personnel will grow accordingly.



• Titania is a commercial enterprise, and as such, exists for the purpose of generating sales and profits for its investors, owners, managers and staff. Titania operates in the market of building and selling residential property to buyers. The value which buyers place on a community is reflected in the selling price of the homes that are produced. Furthermore, it also exists for the purpose of securing sustainable development of the communities in which we build. These two reasons for its existence are inextricable. If one aspect does not exist, the other will cease to exist.

• Titania will offer contemporary, designed, space efficient homes affordable for middle class buyers.

• We will always prioritize long-term profit maximizing strategies over short-term gains and therefore see compromises with local authorities and neighbors in the development process as an investment in our credibility for future projects.

• We will be responsive, cooperative and sincere in our interaction with authorities, neighbors and buyers.

• We will be knowledgeable, professional and reliable in our role as a client in dealing with consultants, suppliers and contractors.

• Our personnel will be polite, informative and cooperative in dealing with neighbors during the construction phase.

• Our personnel and partners will be offered a workplace with a positive atmosphere where ambition, initiative and willingness to take responsibility is rewarded.

Keys to Success

1. The line of environmentally friendly, space efficient, contemporary designed house models that Titania has developed during the last decade.

2. The extensive experience and combined knowledge in the development process by our personnel.

3. The documented process and routines from over 10 years of experience in obtaining building permits that are sufficient and swift through cooperation with authorities and local communities; rather than struggling for a long period of time, economically, to obtain a perfect one.

4. The built up network of architects, consultants, manufacturers and real estate agent companies that Titania in Sweden already has through cooperation with international companies active in United States, such as WSP, PWC and Sotheby’s.

5. The access to the equity base of over $20 million in the owning companies that enable Titania to be less dependent on banks and investor interference.


Titania has a line of houses designed by internationally renowned architects with proven experience from finished projects. The houses are designed in order to fulfill a demand from the urban (and suburban areas connected to larger cities), with a demography of educated middle class focusing on location, space efficiency, function and design, as opposed to maximizing the amount of square foot for the price.

The line of houses aims to attract buyers who tend to be environmentally conscious and who appreciate a subtle contemporary design with straight lines rather than curved and ornamental-rich design styles. The houses have large windows with low placement on the walls in order to let as much light in as possible even in locations with no direct sunlight.


Structural Design, Engineering and Adaptability 

The structural design, drawing and engineering solutions are compatible and efficient with the element oriented floorplan and facades to enable a cost effective construction phase. The line of houses includes types made by different materials which can be easily adjusted and adapted to the supply and price levels of different materials on local markets.

The engineering solutions includes innovative utilization of geothermal heating and cooling which is especially well suited for the climate in the Los Angeles area. The drill-holes Titania proposes for the geothermal energy typically goes down 200 yards together with a pump system which provides the houses with both heating and cooling, depending on the season, at a very low cost.



Examples of Building Types 

 The TownhouseGreenhouse: This type of house is constructed to suit projects where the plot of land is limited but where there is still a demand from the buyer to have the possibility of gardening. The greenhouse sits on top of a row house, and is fully integrated in the house construction.

Apart from growing plants, it can be used as a glazed porch as part of the home. The engineering solution in the green house section includes automated sun shades, natural ventilation and sewage.

The design elements include a pitched roof rotated 90 degrees from what would be the normal placement. This results in the gables facing the streets which creates variation in the urban environment.

These types of houses are in high demand from buyers, and are generally appreciated by municipalities, local authorities and neighbors as the greenhouse adds a bit of nature to the street environment and it is in line with the idea of urban agriculture that is popular among city planners today.

The green house in its function as a glazed veranda also adds a beacon of light to the environment during the dark hours. All these factors are essential in building engagement and positivity amongst the community and authorities during the building permit phase. The environmentally friendly aspect of creating a cityscape where people can grow food on top of their houses is also an important factor in adding value to its community, which potentially can positively impact in expediting and implementing the project.

TownhouseGreenhouse in Titania's line can be both a garden and glazed porch. The engineering solution in the greenhouse includes automated sun shades, natural ventilation and sewage.

Titania’s TownhouseGreenhouse has been featured in Swedish TV home shows and industry magazines. 

Titania's space efficient, low priced row houses

Shown in the aerial pictures above are two other type of houses in Titania’s line. The three story white one with flat black roofs is an apartment building and the small black ones is a very space efficient, low priced row house.


The ApartWood building: This type of six story apartment building is constructed only from wood which makes the manufacturing process much more environmentally friendly as opposed to a similar structure in concrete. It contains 88 small apartments but contains large patio-like common spaces to interact. This house type is aimed as a first affordable home for young people. The engineering solutions include a clever way of minimizing the number of elevator shafts in the building, by using the common spaces as gateways to the apartments thus lowering the construction cost. The house has a heating and cooling system based on geothermal energy and is therefore very energy efficient as well. The wood construction and façade tend to blend in well in any surrounding and also tends to be appreciated by the adjacent communities since it is perceived as less dominant than a concrete building.

ApartWood building in Titania's line which is cost efficient and environmentally friendly is targeted to first time home buyers

The wood construction and façade from Titania’s ApartWood line blends in well in any surrounding and tends to be appreciated by the adjacent communities

The SpacEfficiency Building: This type of six-eleven story apartment building is constructed with a modular floor plan making it possible to have as many as eight apartments on the same floor. It is designed with the concrete manufacturing process in mind making it extremely cost efficient and fast to produce. This house type is well suited for areas where large scale projects are possible and the demand for small affordable apartments are great, but where the demands or inclination to appeal the project from the local community is low.

Titania's SpacEfficiency Building

SpacEfficiency apartment buildings are constructed with a modular floor plan with the concrete manufacturing process in mind


• We will market our company – generally, not linked to specific projects – via enticing rendered and actual pictures online and on physical signs on local markets that we have an interest in.

• We will market the specific homes for sale locally through physical signs with digitally rendered pictures of the finished homes. 

 • We will market the homes for sale on the internet with a combination of on location pictures and rendered pictures before they are finished.

• We will market the finished homes for sale online with actual pictures with furnished interior.

• The finished homes will be marketed by the real estate agent through various online listing sites, signs and open houses.

Sales Strategy

Buying a home and the decisions surrounding it is usually a long process for the buyer.  Titania believes in creating demand for a home in a specific project as early as possible. General advertising for the company has only limited value – it is always the project that should be promoted and advertised.

Titania takes pride in doing elaborate renderings of projects to create a desire to own from the market. On larger projects, we create specific project domains with their own logo.  We also create virtual models of the future homes so that the buyer can walk inside the future home. With a pair of VR-glasses attached to a smart phone, the buyers can get the full virtual reality experience:

The actual selling process will be handled by real estate agents and will be conducted on finished houses and apartments that will be styled and furnished for open houses and VIP-selling sessions. We will focus on using local real estate agents in each area that we operate. From our experience, knowledge in the local market is the most important factor for being a successful real estate agent.



Titania Scandinavian Property Development in Malibu Inc. is a Limited Liability Corporation “LLC” and is owned 100% by Titania Bygg & VVS AB. The majority of the shares in Titania Bygg & VVS AB is owned by Einar Janson through investment companies.

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