The Titania Group is always interested to get in contact with institutions, companies, individuals or other parties who are interested to finance all or part of our exciting and profitable projects

Examples of interesting investment objects

The Titania Group conducts several real estate development projects per year and is interested in finding partners to finance these. Below are some examples of projects that we have already concluded. Please contact us for information about interesting projects for an investor / financier that are underway or will be implemented shortly by the Titania Group.

Construction projects

Construction of about 109 homes in Arninge - Ullna in Täby Municipality, start of construction in spring of 2014.

Titania has bought about 26,000 square meters of land of Täby Municipality next to Arninge Handelsplats to build 109 homes in the first phase of the project Skogskvarteren, Ullna Strand. The project becomes Titania's largest single project with a planned start of construction in May 2014 and completion in the end of 2016.

Skogskvarteren is divided into three areas and is the first stage in Täby Municipality's long-term plan to create more housing in expansive Arninge - Ullna. Täby Municipality will build up to 3,000 homes in the area, mainly two to five-storey buildings, for a total of about 7500 inhabitants. The aim is that the area in addition to housing, also will offer good trading opportunities, access to community facilities, good transport links and employment opportunities of businesses in the area.

For more information about the project Arninge - Ullna , see the “Projekt” tab on

Rebuilding of attics to exclusive attic apartments

Attic with potential living space of 510 + 110 square meters in a central location on Södermalm in Heleneborgsgatan / Varvsgatan.

In very attractive location on Södermalm in the central parts of Stockholm city, Titania has acquired an attic in the property built in 1912 on Heleneborgsgatan / Varvsgatan. The attic that Titania has acquired is expected to be converted into apartments with an area of approximately 510 square meters with loft of 110 square meters with construction start in 2014.


Attic with about 200 square meters floor area at the intersection Jarlaplan and Roslagsgatan in very attractive location in Stockholm city.

In the centrally located property in the intersection of Jarlaplan and Roslagsgatan, Titania bought an attic to be converted into exclusive apartments during 2013/2014. The attic that Titania acquired will be transformed in to exclusive attic apartments with approximately 200 square meters totally.

Conversion of offices to apartments

Reconstruction of 1,100 square meters of office space to apartments with sea views in Gröndal, construction start in autumn / winter 2013.

A total of 14 apartments in the ground floor and on the 1st floor has been acquired by Titania. Each apartment will have view of the lake due to the property’s very attractive location just south of the city centre of Stockholm. Each apartment will include a patio and these areas have previously serves as rentable office space, but shall in 2013/2014 be rebuilt into attractive apartments and sold by Titania.


For more examples of completed projects , see "Projekt" on

To read Titania's annual reports, see financial and other information, certificates etc for the group, see the heading "Dokumentation om Titania " (In Swedish only)

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