The Titania group is highly profitable and fast growing with focus on property development projects in Sweden. Contact us for information about investing in Titania.

Short information about the Titania group

In this page we present information, in English, about the Titania Group, a highly profitable and fast growing business group within the construction business in Stockholm, Sweden. Titania is focusing on new construction projects and property development projects. For detailed information about Titania and our business, please visit the rest of the web site (in Swedish only). Contact us for more information about investing in the Titania group or financing it´s interesting projects with good investment terms (see below).

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Company activities

The Titania group is a Stockholm based construction and installation group with well documented experience in turnkey projects. Titania constructs buildings from scratch and runs property development projects in house such as alterations of attics and former office and commercial areas to apartments. With complete responsibility, Titania also conducts projects mainly involving replacement of plumbing and complete renovations of entire property buildings with hundreds of apartments for property companies, to smaller projects with 20-100 apartments for housing associations. Titania also renovates pipes with the relining technique . 


In 2013 Titania had about 478 million SEK (74 Million dollars) in revenues and approximately 145 employees. About 40 of the employees work with management and administrative services. Titania was founded in 2005, but the business has been in operation since 2002 as a sole proprietorship under the name of Einar Janson Bygg. Titania is owned by individuals who work within the company. The majority owner is the founder of the company and the company CEO Einar Janson.

The name Titania alludes to the element titanium, which is a very strong, but also a light and very useful material.

Investing in and financing Titania projects

The Titania Group is always interested to get in contact with institutions, companies, individuals or other parties who are interested to finance all or part of our profitable projects within the redevelopment business or projects concerning construction of properties from scratch. Titania is primarily interested in the funding of individual projects or parts of projects where Titania can offer high returns for relatively low risk.

The Titania Group performs each year, a number of property development projects in-house where we either are constructing new buildings from scratch or develop existing buildings. In the latter case, it may for example be conversion of attics in central locations in Stockholm city to exclusive attic apartments, reconstruction of office space to well planned condominium apartments, etc. In both cases, the office space or attic is bought by Titania, which performs all the necessary construction work and then sells the finished apartments.

Titania is in the current situation mainly focused on producing housing and each project last 1-3 years. The homes are sold on drawing or as they are completed. We are also involved in projects concerning the production or development of rental housing. These projects have a longer time horizon and it can take up to 5 years before we have completed the properties and sell them to players more focused on property management. Today we fund these projects partly by equity and partly with conventional bank loans.

However, we are always interested in contacts with institutions, companies, individuals or other parties who are willing to finance all or parts of our projects. We are primarily interested in the funding of individual projects or parts of projects where we can offer high returns against relatively low risk.

We are mainly looking for contacts with passive investors, that after the required due diligence, presentation of the project and the provision of securities, allows us to manage the implementation of the projects independently. Compensation for such an investment/financing is guaranteed with fixed remuneration of invested capital plus a certain premium if the return on the project is more successful than expected. In other words, we offer to pay relatively high interest for the money that investors lend to The Titania Group, with opportunities for bonuses for extra successful projects.

We are less interested in the investment approach where the potential returns are higher, but the investor shares the risk of lower returns or losses with Titania. Joint ownership of the Titania Group or its companies is not interesting in the current situation, however, we can certainly imagine that for individual projects, a separate company is set up specifically for the project in which  investors become shareholders together with the Titania Group.

For examples of interesting projects to invest in or finance, please click here ! 

To read Titania's annual reports, see financial and other information, certificates etc for the group, see the heading "Documentation of Titania " (In Swedish only)

For more information on the above, please contact the Titania Group CEO Einar Janson by email:

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